Hello. I am Elly

I design & build things for the web.

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I'm a junior developer who has recently started my journey as a web developer.

I'm a self-motivated learner with strong organisation, time management & communication skills.

I'm able to work independently & collaboratively in a team with a meticulous attention to detail.


A website with the title 'Hello. I am Elly' next to a girl sitting with her laptop

Personal Website v2.0

This is version 2.0 of my personal website, which contains a portfolio, resume & digital garden. I built it with many fresh React & Gatsby features such as Dynamic Images, Hooks & MDX.

The title "Guardian Search" with a search input below

Guardian Search

This project was completed as a code challenge in the interview process for a job. It's built with React & Next.js, it connects to the Guardian API to search for articles and the styling is done with Tailwind CSS.

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Todo App

I built this project as a part of the React Basics module from The Frontend Developer Career Path on Scrimba. It was initially built using class based components, but I have refactored it to use React Hooks and added extra features.

The title "React movie search" with a search field below

Movie Search

I completed this project during the second part of the React Basics module from The Frontend Developer Career Path on Scrimba. It was first built with a mix of class based components & functional components with Hooks but I refactored it to use only functional components.

Personal dashboard that displays the time, weather, a quote & a background image

Personal Dashboard

In this project I used a number of REST APIs (NASA APOD, OpenWeatherMap, Quotable) as well as the Geolocation Web API to create a personal dashboard, which can be installed as a Chrome extension.

The Netflix home screen displaying Joker (2019 film)

Netflix CloneComing Soon

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  1. Portable Hour (internal): Neurodiversity in our work and workplace
  2. PTX (internal): Thinking Traps

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