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Who am I?

Well hello there! My name is Elly Loel. I’m a developer, designer and writer, currently working as a mid-level developer at Portable!
I love sharing interesting things so check out my socials or my newsletter! In my spare time, I love building mechanical keyboards, watching cartoons and anime, and hanging out with my partner Brodie and our cat Lulu. :black_cat:

For more up to date details check out the now page.

Need a photo?
A headshot of Elly Loel, a white trans woman wearing a white turtle neck with a cream blazer and long blonde hair laying down in front of her shoulders framing her face, smiling.
A torso shot of Elly Loel, a white trans woman in a pleated cream skirt and beige t-shirt with a white Ita bag covered in pins and badges, standing in front of a wall with a smiley face graffitied on it.
A medium shot of Elly Loel, a white trans woman in a flowy white dress with long blonde curly hair, standing amongst the ferns in a forest.

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