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How (NOT) To Use Writing AI


#ChatGPT #writingadvice

Write a terrible sentence, click “show don’t tell”, and great prose comes out – is this CHEATING? Programs like ChatGPT and SudoWrite can enable you to produce work above your writing skill level. You can write whole novels with these engines. How should writers contend with this new technology? On the one hand, it’s a tool that produces great results – why not use it? On the other hand, you’re not getting better at writing – that’s a problem, right? In my opinion there’s a way to use this productively for writers in certain situations. But at the same time, it should be approached with caution.

How (NOT) To Write Madness (GoT/Arcane) - https://youtu.be/pymojkDct2A
How Arcane Writes WOMEN - https://youtu.be/hML-FGHGEN4
LOTR “You Bow To NO ONE” - https://youtu.be/0ieyqCsZeks
Stranger Things S4 Fixed MAX - https://youtu.be/JQvWF1OoIcM

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0:00 - the question
1:06 - argument for AI
1:40 - storytime + suggested method
3:19 - who should use this method?
4:41 - who should NOT use this method?
5:44 - who should embrace AI?