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Brag document

This is inspired by Julia Evans’ post on the importance of maintaining a brag document.

Gave a presentation introducing both VisBug and new CSS features to the Everyday team

Released the products page for the Portable website


Released the CSS generator feature for figma2theme


Gave a presentation “CSS: The future is now!” at Deep Dive

This was a follow on/update after the two presentations I gave earlier in the year explaining what was future CSS last time but is actually now supported.

Ran “Thinking Traps” workshop at Portable Hour

Wrote another article for the Scimba blog, about CSS Grid and Flexbox


Ran the “Neurodiversity in Projects and at Portable” event


Being a part of the ethics committee and working towards setting up a11y onboarding and training material


Gave a dual presentation on CSS and it’s future at PTX and Deep Dive

Wrote an article about my story for the Scimba blog


Setup and running the internal “Women in the tech team” group/meeting

VEOHRC upgrading, refactoring, designing, announcement, search, and infographic solo work

“It hasn’t escaped me that after months (and months and months) of design and dev work, trouble shooting and testing and doing it all over again, The Never Ending Project To Get Search Up and Running On The VEOHRC WebsiteTM did in fact end, but with more of a whimper than a bang from our end after deployment was successfully completed.
And that doesn’t seem right at all, given all the hard work you put in to get us here, and how excited we all are to have Search up and running.
I am sure I don’t even fully appreciate what an undertaking this particular piece of work turned out to be, though I suspect that it was a bit like that time my partner and I decided to upgrade some lights in one room of our house, only to discover we had to completely rewire the entirety of said building. What I do really value however is that you tried to bring in extra resource where you could to get the job done, and that you took the time to explain the challenges to us and keep us updated.
Hopefully it wasn’t a fully traumatic experience for you all, and you’ve come out of it with some useful new insights and learnings that you can apply to other projects, (or at minimum a handy experience you can pull out next time you get one of those “tell us about a time” questions in interview.)
We’re really happy with the finished result and the response from our colleagues around the Commission, including the Commissioner has been really positive and enthusiastic. More importantly, this should go a long way to making it quicker and easier for people in the community to find information about their human rights, and we look forward to potentially seeing what we can learn about the issues that matter people from their search behaviours.
Casini and Elly – an extra special thanks to you both, and if I have missed other Portable folks who contributed to making this happen (as I’m sure I have) – please do extend this thank you to them as well.
We look forward to continuing to work with you all over the coming year, starting with clearing out that anxiety-producing backlog we’ve got.”


Portable site Justice page solo work


Ran “Thinking Traps” workshop at Design All-in

Spoke on the Scrimba podcast


Ran “Thinking Traps” workshop at PTX

Ran the “Neurodiversity in our work and workplace” Portable Hour

Was part of the “How to land your first tech job” event