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Finding the perfect app

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I’ve tried just about every productivity app under the sun, and I still haven’t found “the one”.
Currently, I’m using ClickUp, but once again I’m thinking about switching 🤦🏼‍♀️

I’ve put together a list of my criteria for the “perfect” app for my needs:

  1. Easily and quickly capture anything (task, note, link, etc.) from most devices (MacBook, iPhone, iPad, maybe even Apple Watch?)
  2. View all data (notes, tasks, etc.) in various ways/forms to improve clarity/understanding (mind map, list, table, graph, kanban, etc.)
  3. Centralise the data to view and work with in one place (either natively or through integrations)
  4. Find connections within the data either organically or through AI tagging/organisation
  5. Ability to be notified with due dates or reminders for tasks, events, etc.
  6. No confusion as to where data should be stored when trying to get stuff out of my mind into the app.










1. Reference/File system

These are the processes and systems for storing both physical documents as well as digital documents and information.

Solutions/approaches include:

2. Project Management

A project is an activity that has a beginning and end, contains multiple steps, and performs something new or unique. A project will often involve multiple resources, costs, and require detailed tracking. Projects also have “dependencies”, which is where the start of certain steps is dependent upon the completion of prior steps.

Solutions/approaches include:

3. Process Management

A process is a specific activity (or set of activities) performed repeatedly to achieve a desired result. It is critical that processes are clearly documented and consistently followed.

Solutions/approaches include:

4. Task Management

Tasks are discrete items that need to be prioritized and completed. They are what I like to call “one and done” activities. Tasks can be a single, stand-alone item that needs to be performed. Tasks are also often the result of “projects”, which require completion of individual “tasks”.

Solutions/approaches include:

5. Schedule (Calendar) Management

A schedule (or “calendar”) is for managing activities, tasks, and meetings that occur at pre-defined, specific times.

Solutions/approaches include:

6. Communication Management

We all need to talk and communicate, but the key is to use the right media for the right type of communication need.

Solutions/approaches include: