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How to give your brain the stimulation it needs

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ADHD brains need a lot of stimulation

We don’t spend hours on social media because we think it’s a great use of our time, we do it because we’re looking for the stimulation we need to function

Most quick & easy dopamine sources we turn (YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, etc.) to aren’t actually enough to fulfil that need.

It’s really hard to make good dopamine choices when you’re low on dopamine.

Create a dopamine menu (Dopamenu)

  1. Design your menu
    • think about things that you’ve done in the past that made you feel really excited or alive
    • what are your go-to’s when you’re bored that don’t actually make you feel great
    • Entrées (the things that excite you/make you feel alive)
    • Desserts (things that are my go-to’s that I tend to over do it on)
    • Appetisers (things that can give me a quick dopamine burst without sucking me in)
    • Sides (things I can add to other activities to make them more engaging)
  2. Prep
    • Make your entrees easy to start so that you’re more likely to actually choose them
    • Make desserts harder to start so that you don’t go for them over entrées all the time
  3. Advertise your dopamenu
    • make copies of it and put it in hard-to-miss places

If the things you once found enjoyable are no longer enjoyable, then it could be depression


  1. How to give your brain the stimulation it needs