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Thoughts on Web Components

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Web Components
markup, CSS, presentational JS

JS libraries
logic, data, routing, etc.

Web components handle front-of-the-front-end code (e.g. the look and feel of a button)
JS libraries/frameworks handle back-of-the-front-end code (e.g. what happens when a user clicks on that button)

the overwhelming majority of web components don’t need to be web components.

why the hell do we need JavaScript at all in order to render web components?

basic, static components

For a (strong?) majority of UI components, we want the developer ergonomics of working with the web component abstraction, which again looks something like this:

  text="99 Luftballons"

But we want the browser to spit out something that looks like this:

<div class="badge badge--success">
  99 Luftballons

That, my friends, is called HyperText Markup Language, and it’s how the web has been working since 1991. This specific component doesn’t have any JavaScript razzle-dazzle going on, so effectively we want the web components to build in the same way we’ve been doing forever with templating languages like Mustache, Twig, Nunjucks, Jade, JSP, et al.