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This page was inspired by Ana Rodrigues’ guestbook.



  1. Hello stinky I love your website >:) ellyloel.com/guestbook/

  2. @elly, dahling! Faaabulous site, just gorgeous. The colour scheme, the typography, the logo, the *other* colour schemes! But most of all: the wonderfully personal mish-mash of thoughts big & small, somehow all organized in a useful way while feeling fresh & dynamic. 💐

  3. @AmeliaBR oh I was not expecting this! 🥺 you're too kind, thank you so much! ❤️

  4. @elly Your site has the most gorgeous fonts and color palette! I’m very jealous. Definitely makes me want to redesign!

  5. @ashleykolodziej aaa thank you! I really appreciate it 😊

  6. @elly I love this idea!

  7. @elly Elly, I enjoyed perusing your site, excellent color schemes!

  8. @anniegreens Thanks! 😄

  9. @elly this is awesome! Adding to my website to-do list...

  10. @elly #HTML #CSS #JS team ! Love the idea. https://www.teotimepacreau.fr/

    css html js Mon site web personnel

  11. @elly A guestbook! Well I've not seen one of these since the early days of the web. Lovely, where do I sign?

  12. @elly nice accessibility you got there

  13. @moiety Thanks! I've still got some things to fix up from the great lightning review you gave me 😄

  14. @mattwilcox You just did! Thanks to the power of webmentions 🎉

  15. @elly came upon your site when looking for digital garden ideas

    it has such a fun style! and such neat little details. and of course interesting stuff, or pointing to interesting stuff to read

  16. @sirlan_ff00ff Thanks! 😊

  17. @elly I love this and your website so much!! I love that there's so many things to explore!

    Thank you for the shout-out too!

  18. @ohhelloana Naww thank you! ❤️

  19. @sirlan_ff00ff oh no! I'll have a look into that, sorry!

  20. @elly Hello. This is just me signing your guestbook. How awesome!

  21. @[email protected] That is totally rad, and I bookmarked your site! Hello from the Fediverse and Calckey

  22. @phocks Hahah thanks! 😄

  23. @elly @SrRochardBunson Cool website!

  24. @elly I love the new colour theme picker! And have only just seen that you have a guestbook too - love it 🤩

  25. @sarajw Thanks! And thanks for signing the guestbook 😄

  26. @elly super cool 🤩

  27. @elly Guestbooks are so much fun, and so is your website, Elly! Thank you for the inspiration!

  28. @elly oh, I missed this - it's lovely!

    (here I am, signing the guestbook ✍️ and also reminding you to finish the css wish list, haha)

  29. @mia hahah yes! I definitely needed a reminder for that, thanks Mia 😄❤️

  30. @tylersticka I'm glad you like it, thanks Tyler! 😄