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A collection of images of our lovely little lady Lu.

Knowledge for image descriptions:

I hope the alt text does these wonderful images justice! Some alt text references previous images, so it’s best to look through them in order.

Lulu standing on the edge of our couch reaching up to the windowsill, stretched out, so she can look out the window.

Brodie holding Lulu, who is wearing a kitty sized witch's hat.

Lulu on top of her old cat tree, sleeping completely face down.

Lulu peaking her head out while she's hiding in her partially constructed new cat tree.

A blurry photo of Lulu who has just been rudely awoken, she looks absolutely disheveled.

Proceeding the last photo, Lulu is now more awake, confusion and contempt fill her eyes.

Lulu sitting on the couch's armrest facing away with her head turned back to the camera. She looks as though she's been caught in the act.

Lulu lying upside down in Brodie's arms, her head is hanging over the edge looking up at the camera.

Lulu sitting on the windowsill bathed in the morning sun, her hair almost looks brown in the light.

Proceeding the previous photo, Lulu has left the windowsill and scampered up so close to the camera that she's a blurry mess.

Lulu sitting in a fake moss covered tissue box holder looking over her shoulder at the the camera.

Lulu sitting up straight in a fake moss covered tissue box holder staring at the camera with contempt in her eyes.

Proceeding the previous photo, Lulu some how has even more contempt in her eyes.

Lulu sitting in and resting her head on the edge of a fake moss covered tissue box holder looking adorably at the camera.

A very zoomed-in low quality photo of Lulu looking up at Brodie as though they are the Messiah.

Lulu sitting like a bread loaf behind the headrest of the couch. Her face is down flat as she's fast asleep.

Lulu, curled up on her pillow on the windowsill with her tail hanging off, basking in the lovely morning sun.

Lulu, completely enveloped in her pillow on the windowsill, fast asleep enjoying the sun.

A wider shot of Lulu, curled up on her pillow on the windowsill, soaking in the morning sunshine. She's next to our little Christmas tree that's covered in decorations.

Brodie and Lulu sitting backwards on the couch facing the camera, Brodie's loving the moment while Lulu is trying her best to escape before the photo is taken.

Lulu sitting at my desk looking as though she is working. I guess for a kitty the grid never stops.

Proceedings the previous photo, the camera is now behind the chair looking down at Lulu as she looks back completely shocked.

Lulu flopped over sideways on the ground next to a window, trying to soak up as much sun as she can.

A close up proceeding the previous photo, Lulu pupils are almost invisible, they must be the thinnest slit