What I'm Doing Now


Last watered on May 21, 2022

An on & off log of what I'm currently doing/interested in. Slower paced than a twitter feed but less permanent then an about page. Now pages are becoming more common, you should make one for yourself!

December, 2021

I remixed a cool Glitch In Bio on Glitch for my partner nervous ghost (https://nervousgh0st.glitch.me/). The combination of simplicity and customisability makes it approachable for anyone. I was able to go in and make more advanced tweaks to set it up, but if my partner ever wants to add or change things they will easily be able to without having to worry about the more complex side.

I finally got all of the bug fixes and small tweaks for my website shipped. Most of the changes were to do with parts of the digital garden (graph, markdown processing, link capturing, etc.) as well as some redirects 'n' stuff.

November, 2021

I've been working on a presentation about neurodiversity with a few colleagues, which we'll be presenting internally on the 6th of December.

I've also been working on fixing up this website as there's been plenty of big & small bugs plaguing the site.

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