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Salary history

This page was inspired by Carolina Gilabert’s salary page.

She describes it well:

When looking for a job, it can be tricky to know what to ask for in terms of salary, especially for under represented minorities, who are routinely underlevelled and underpaid. So I thought it would be useful to share my salary history since becoming a software engineer, in hopes that it will help someone at some point.

PortableJunior developer4 days a week$62,000 (pro rata $49,600)
PortableJunior developer4 days a week$62,500 (pro rata $50,000)
PortableJunior developer4 days a week$66,000 (pro rata $52,800)
PortableMid-level developer4 days a week$85,000 (pro rata $68,000)